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About Us

Brand Story

Emgrain Asia Network Trading has been operating for 12 years. Emgrain’s products are professionally manufactured by Aragon Foods E Tech Industries SDN BHD. Aragon Foods E Tech Industries SDN BHD is a company that is focusing on R&D and production of healthy beverage products.

The EMGRAIN brand is already known most by traders and vendors. Our products have been highly accepted by consumers.

The experiments and the productions of the EMGRAIN OAT have already been through many phases to seek for the best taste with high quality for producing the best health supplement drinks.

We have 100% confidence and will make sure the next products coming out from this brand will reach the maximum satisfaction for customers.


Realizing the transformation and upgrading of enterprise into EMGRAIN SIGNATURE SDN BHD in 2024. As one of the leading companies in the world, EMGRAIN SIGNATURE is admired for its brand, innovation, and results, contributing to a better and sustainable world.

EMGRAIN SIGNATURE is striving to produce tasty and good products, with high quality, innovation and at affordable prices.

The leading brand of vegan collagen, with 12 years of word-of-mouth reputation, bringing you excellent results.